Experience communication systems and media of the past. Compare old technology with that of today in this exciting interactive programme.

Choose FOUR of the following activities:


Telephone Systems - see below for Nature of Science Strand.

Transfer calls using an old-fashioned switch board and a variety of old telephones at Post and Telegraph.

Hands on Commnications

View an old-time Film Strip featuring different types of signals.  Investigate a variety of communications technology from the past. 


Experience a print shop from another era. Learn about a variety of printing machines, including an Albion press and a typesetting machine. Suitable Year 3+

Emergency Services

Visit our Hall of Flame and find out about emergency communications over time, both in the station and at the scene of the fire. Suitable Year 3+ (Subject to Availability.)

Musical Equipment

Visit the Dini collection. An extensive collection of musical equipment, including phonographs to gramophones.

Posting a Letter

Suitable year 1-2 View a film strip of the 1950s called 'Posting a Letter'. The students then go through the process of sending a letter.

Electric Circuits

Find out about electrical circuits, create light, sound and movement. Understand electricitys role in communications. This activity is recommended in conjunction with the activity telephone systems.

Non Verbal Communications

There are many many ways to communicate without speaking and listening.  Explore signs, signals and other non verbal forms of communication, in our Heritage setting.


Nature Of Science 1-4: Telephone Systems Activity

Students visit our old fashioned Post and Telegraph office and investigate energy transformations with circuits through the contex of working Morse Code switches and a manual telephone exchange. Students gain an understanding of how scientific knowledge can be applied to everday life.

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