Stepping Back In Time 1900s

Curriculum links: Technology, Science, Social Sciences, Literacy, Numeracy


Experience life as an Edwardian child in our authentic township. Role play using the etiquette and behaviour of the 1900s. Experience how life in the past was different from today. (Maximum 75 students).


Choose FOUR of the following activities:


Bake a biscuit in the Railway Station tearooms.

School  Years 1-2

Meet Mr or Miss Green, a very stern junior teacher and use equipment from the past. This activity involves role play.

School  Year 3 +

Experience the discipline of school life 100 years ago with Miss or Mr Black in an authentic classroom setting. This activity involves role play.

Heritage games
Play with traditional toys of the Edwardian era.

General Store

Become a shop apprentice in Hill’s General Store. Wrap packages, weigh rice and make up a basket of goods. See merchandise of the past. This activity involves role play.

House work

Roll up your sleeves and get involved with washing and other household chores of the past with Mrs Grey.This activity involves role play.

The following activities are also relevant to this era.

Everyday Simple Machines

Investigate simple machines through working models and artefacts.

Musical Equipment Over Time

Investigate the technology of recorded music in the home.

Picnic Games

Experience the excitement of picnic games of the past, from egg and spoon to washing races.

Post and Telegraph

Use communications equipment from the past


See how printing machinery has changed over time.

Rural History

View early farm machinery and household items unique to the countryside.

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