Sustainable Energy

Explore sustainable energy, resources and the impact on the environment.
Experience energy usage of the past, and explore wind, water and solar technology, hands on! 


General Store

Compare the sustainability of the General Store with a modern supermarket, focusing on packaging, delivery of goods and the preservation of food.

Household Energy

Explore energy usage of the past while doing washing, ironing and other household tasks using technology before the advent of electricity.

Pioneering - Waste Not Want Not

Take part in some jobs at the V Hut, focusing on resources and materials that were used at that time. This activity will cover the early cleaning products used, gardening and composting.  How sustainable were our early settlers?

Rural Energy

In pairs identify energy sources of vehicles and equipment in the countryside using picture cues.

Wind, water, solar 
Investigate wind, water and solar energy with working models. A highly interactive and topical session.

Energy of Fire Fighting

Explore energy usage in our Fire Museum in the context of changing technology in fire equipment.


The Tram can also be included in this programme for an additional charge.



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