Early Childhood Education

Our programmes are aimed at 3-5 year olds. However, there are still things younger children can see and do at Ferrymead.

The cost is $8.50 per child, for children actively participating in the programme.
Visiting adults are free for a 1:2 ratio, after that we charge $10.00 per adult.

Tram Ride

If you are wanting to have a tram ride this is an additional $80.00 for your group.

Dressing Up

We have costumes available for children that would like to dress up.

After your visit you are welcome to have a look at the other exhibits at Ferrymead, if time permits.


Our programme is aligned with Te Whariki. You can select three of our 20 minute activities from the following:

The programmes with an * are programmes that we can bring out to your centre.

Hands on Artefacts

Explore and use artefacts, eg drills, kitchen utensils, bellows plus many others.

Nursery Rhymes

Come for a trip around the park learning Nursery Rhymes at different locations, using rhymes, actions and props.


Play with a variety of puppets and find out the different ways to make them move.


Toys and Games
Play with toys and games from the past.

Transport Hunt

Hunt for vehicles in our Hall of Wheels. Find out about how vehicles have changed. Find the emergency services vehicles and some of our older transport vehicles, compare to modern vehicles.



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