Kiwi Culture - ESOL Students

Suitable ESOL students

Dress in clothing from the past and experience some of New Zealand’s memorabilia. Try popular kiwi food from the past and present.

This programme also includes information on famous New Zealander's.

This programme links to the social sciences and technology curriculum areas. It covers all key competencies and many values listed in the curriculum.

  • With a map of the park and an activity sheet, each group locates the pre-determined sites and takes photos of their group doing a set task. eg ‘create a scene and take a photo of your group using the washboards and tubs’.

  • You have an option of a Kiwiana morning/afternoon tea.  There is an additional cost of $3.00 per student for this.

  • After your visit, you will have a collection of useful photos of your students to use for further language experiences.

  • You will need to supply a digital camera for each group (approximately six students per group).



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