Stepping Back in Time - The War Years World War One and Two

Curriculum Links: Technology, Science, Social Sciences, Arts, Numeracy, Literacy 


World War One   Suitable Year 5 +

 Experience life on the homefront in New Zealand during World War One. This programme will focus on Gallipoli and the beginning of the ANZAC remembrance in New Zealand.

What was it like for the people left at home? How did they help the war effort? Meet some of Ferrymead's characters as they experience the war years. Hear from Mr or Mrs Grey who have just received a letter from their son Timothy who is fighting at the front.

Choose FOUR of the following activities:

School Years

Participate in a school lesson of the era with the emphasis being placed on subjects taught during World War One.


Help Mrs Grey with her housework and find out how she is contributing towards the war effort.

War Time Communications - See below for Nature of Science Strand

Find out about communications of the time, both on the home front and in the trenches.


Find out about the history and ingredients of ANZAC biscuits and ginger biscuits and help make a batch of biscuits. Learn about the soldiers diet at the front.


View a working printshop and understand the importance of this media during war time.


World War Two - Suitable Year 5+

81 years ago, New Zealand declared war on Germany, and was again ivolved in a world conflict.  New Zealand made the greatest sacrifice of any Commonwealth nation toward the war effort.  For those at home it was a time of fear, loss, and hope, as the allies achieved small victories. Find out how the inhabitants of Moorhouse township fared during wartime.



Mrs Grey is worried, with blackouts, rationing and two sons fighting at the front.  Today she will need some help with the housework.  There is still no electricity!


The flag is at half mast.  Current events are explained with an old map of Europe.  Handwriting is done with pen and ink. Slate boards are used for sums. The discipline continues.

General Store

Visit Hill's General Store to do some shopping for your family. Use your ration coupons and spend your pennies wisely.


Visit a working print shop and find out about the importance of this media during war time, in terms of news, recruitment, and propaganda. Produce a war time poster.


At our Post and Telegraph office find out about postal services during war time. Understand the role of Morse code. Find out about the Enigma machine. Use trench phones connected to a manual switch board.




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