Science Activities

Explore Forces, Movement and Electrical Circuits, in a
traditional setting with artefacts and more recent technology.


Pick four of the following activities to create your own science programme.


Electrical Circuits

Find about electrical circuits, create light, sound and movement.  Understand electricitys role in communications.
This activity works well with telephone systems in our Communications programme.


Everyday Simple Machines

Investigate simple machines through working models and artefacts and be able to identify their key components.


Science of Toys 

Explore the forces that make simple toys move.  A hands-on investigation with a variety of toys.

Nature of Science - Levels 1-2
In the Science of Toys activity, students investigate simple forces through playing with moving toys, describing their movement with the correct vocabulary, and identifying the appropriate force when reporting back to the group.

Wheels Experiment

Using fair testing, compare the performance of different wheel designs on different surfaces. Consider the forces acting upon these wheels. 
A simplified version of this experiment exists for younger students.

Nature of Science - Levels 1-3
Students investigate forces and find out how fair testing is essential when conducting an investigation. Students report back their findings in a scientific manner.


Wind Water and Solar

Investigate Wind, Water and Solar Energy with working models. A highly interactive and topical session.

Nature of Science Levels 1-4
Students investigate and discover how electricity can be generated by natural energy sources, and energy transformations within circuits. This activity addresses the application of science in a socially responsible manner, with consideration for the environment.



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