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Make and play with toys from an earlier era. Join in the games and rhymes of the schoolyard. Focus on toys and games from the early 1900s to the 1970s.


Choose FOUR of the following activities:

Heritage Games

Try some heritage games such as stilts and hobby horses. No batteries, plastic or electricity needed!

Playground Games

Play games that were popular with children in playgrounds of old.

Indoor Toys and Games

Enjoy puzzles, board games and moving toys to experience play before the days of TV and computers.

Homemade Games

Play with thaumatropes, spinners, puppets, peg dolls and marbles, then make a toy to take home.

Picnic Games

Experience the excitement of picnic games of the past, from egg and spoon races to our washing race.


Find out about and play with puppets of the past.

Science of Toys - See below for the Nature of Science Strand

Explore the forces that make simple toys move. A hands-on investigation with a variety of toys.

Maori Toys and Games

Find out about and play with toys that Maori children played with in the past, mu torere, potaka, purerehua.

Nature Of Science Levels 1-2

In the Science of Toys activity, students investigate simple forces through playing with moving toys, describing their movement with the correct vocabulary, and identifying the appropriate force when reporting back to the group.

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