Experience transportation modes of the past and consider how new inventions have changed people’s lives. See a wide variety of vehicles of different eras.


Choose FOUR of the following activities:


Arcadia Picture Theatre

View film strips and movies of transportation of the past.


Travel back in time on our electric tram. Visit the tram barn and find out how trams have been restored. Consider why vehicles run on rails.

Vehicles of the Past

Learn about many different forms of transportation from the past –cable car, steam train and horse drawn trams are just a few of the vehicles we have on display. One of our education staff will guide you during this activity.

Fabulous fire-fighters

See our impressive collection of vintage fire vehicles and equipment and learn how fire-fighting technology has changed over time. (Subject to availability.)

Rural Machines

Examine the vehicles and machines used in the countryside.

Wheels experiment - See below for the Nature of Science Strand

Using fair testing, compare the performance of different wheel designs on different surfaces. Consider the forces acting upon these wheels. A simplified version of this experiment exists for younger students.


See a working blacksmith and find out about their importance to transport of the past. (Subject to availability) Gears and Levers Investigate gears and levers through artefacts and working models.


Nature Of Science Level 1-3

Students investigate forces and find out how fair testing is essential when conducting an investigation. Students report back their findings in a scientific manner.

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